Photography has been a passion for several years now and a reason to travel. It requires observation and forces interactions with other people, which are not only good ways to get to know our world better, but also makes it possible to bring stories back home and share some points of view. Also, a camera is a measurement device and it is quite fascinating to try to make artistic measurements!

I really got into photography with a very good friend of mine in Uzbekistan (2010) and have always tried keep up the rhythm since. The photographs you can see on this website were taken in the following places:

  • Barcelona (2008)
  • New York (2009)
  • Turkey (2012)
  • Tanzania (2013)
  • Island (2013)
  • Thailand (2014)
  • Indonesia (2014)
  • Malaysia (2014)
  • Singapore (2014)
  • Philippines (2014)
  • Australia (2014)
  • Mayotte (2014)


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